Centaur: a world famous name

Centauro, a family-run company, was founded in 1946 from a previous industrial experience of the family that began in the 1930s. Centauro became a world famous name for the production of band saws. In the 70s the range of products expanded with models of manual and hydraulic lathes and subsequently CNC lathes. In the 80s Centauro, unlike other manufacturers, decided to maintain and develop its own FOUNDRY, in order to manage the production process internally. In the same years the range of products was enriched with trimming machines, Mortisers and bedaners.Centauro is present all over the world through 500 dealers, with whom it has built fruitful collaborative relationships.The FOUNDRY has continued to invest and currently produces over 90% for third-party customers.

Foundry division

The Foundry Division specializes in the production of gray and nodular iron castings, in small-medium and large series, from a unit weight of a few tens of grams up to 7-8 tons. 

We collaborate with companies in the most varied sectors including manufacturers of: pumps, valves, compressors, reducers, motors, actuators, machine tools, woodworking machines, metalworking machines, textile machines, agricultural machines, machines machines, machines and systems in general, prototypes, special pieces.