Technical data

X axis output
2800 mm

X1 axis output
2800 mm

Y axis output
400 mm

Y1 axis output
70 mm

Z axis output
150 mm

Z1 axis output
90 mm

X-X1 axis speed
35 mt/min

Y axis speed
30 mt/min

Y1 axis speed
6,8 mt/min

Z axis speed
7,5 mt/min

Z1 axis speed
6,8 mt/min

Max / Min door
950/600 mm

Operating pressure
6 bar 300 lit/min

Max door
90 mm

Vacuum system
N.6 plates

Router motor power (first motor)
3,3 kW

Router motor speed (first principal)
0-18000 giri/min

Pneumatic clamping of jambs
N.5 clamping

Inclination of router motor (first motor)

Router motor power (second motor)
1,5 kW

Ruoter motor speed (second motor)
0-12000 giri/min

Inclination of router motor(second motor)

Electronic control
Touch Screen 15"

Dust extraction outlets
2×120 1×100 1×60 mm diam


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