Chisel Mortiser BETA CNC



Max.slot depth

Max.slot length with single stroke

Min.slot length

Min.slot width

Max.chisel length

Max.chisel thickness (single)

Max.workpiece height

Max.workpiece width

Working head vertical stroke (Z-Axis)

Y-axis stroke

X-axis stroke

Working table dimensions

Y-axis speed

X-axis speed

Z-axis speed

Dust extraction outlets

Operating pressure

Compressed air consumption

Motor power of swing chisel head

Net weight

Overall dimensions

* on request


110 / 120* mm

100 mm

25 mm

6 mm

210 / 220* mm

20 mm

120/170* mm

200 mm

100 mm

250 mm

1100 mm

1210 x 215 mm

6 m/min

25 m/min

5 m/min

1x diam 60 mm 1x diam 80 mm

6 l/min

260 m3/h

2,9 kW(HP 4)

1430 Kg

3850 x 1780 x 1505


Detail of the BETA in swing chisel and router head configuration

The programmable router head (option) can perform a number of machining operations. Including louver door slots, hinge recessing, lock face plate recessing, etc..

Examples of workings with router head