Nc milling machine for door panels and frames

Technical data

Useful capacity X axis

Y axis useful capacity

Useful capacity Z axis

Max speed X-X1 axis

Y axis max speed

Y1 axis max speed

Max Z axis speed

Z1 axis max speed

Max / min door length

System operating pressure

Max door thickness

Vacuum door locking

Milling electrospindle power (main motor)

Milling electrospindle speed (main motor)

Pneumatic locking of the frame

Tilting cutter electrospindle (main motor)

Hinge cutter electrospindle power (second motor)

Electric spindle speed for milling machine (second motor)

Tilting electrospindle cutter for hinges

Electronic programmer

Suction ports

2800 mm

70 mm

150 mm

35 mt/min

30 mt/min

6,8 mt/min

7,5 mt/min

6,8 mt/min

950/600 mm

6 bar 300 lit/min

90 mm

N.6 plates

3,3 kW

0-18000 rotation/min

N.5 clamping


1,5 kW

0-12000 rotation/min

Touch Screen 15"

2×120 1×100 1×60 mm diam