Distance between centers
1600 mm

Max. ø over copy saddle without steady
Ø 250 mm = ( 178 x 178)

Square permitted by small steady
65x65 mm

Square permitted by large steady

Square permitted by additional special steady
115x115 mm

Tailstock and headstock centre
C.M. 4

Variable and programmable spindle speed
R.P.M 0÷4500

Saddle feed speed (variable computer controlled)
0 - 15 m/min

Spindle motor power
7,5 HP (kW 5,5)

Installed power
8 kW

Admitted sizes by automatic hopper feed with unloading device
- Max. workpiece length
1600 mm
- Max-min. square timber
100 x 100 - 20 x 20 mm

Compressed air pressure (for hopper feed)
6 bar

Dust extraction outlets
Nr.2 Ø 100 mm
Nr.1 Ø 80 mm
Nr.1 Ø 60 mm

Required capacity for extraction system
1200 m3/h

Air speed
20 m/s

Weight without hopper feed
1300 Kg

Hopper feed weight
200 Kg


Router head motor power

Programmable router motor speed

2 HP/CV/PS (1,5 kW)

0 - 1800 R.P.M

Guidalama superiore di alta precisione a rotelle GSP

Sistema di inclinazione ergonomica del piano

Sistema di inclinazione ergonomica del piano


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